Revolutionary staging service
Revolutionary staging service
In just about a week you may beginadvertising the property
In just about a week you may begin
advertising the property
No hassle with rental furnishing or photoshoot,no moving existing stuff to storage
No hassle with rental furnishing or photoshoot,
no moving existing stuff to storage
Full creative freedom - any styles, colors, furnishing,several designs per room, 360 VR tours and more
Full creative freedom - any styles, colors, furnishing,
several designs per room, 360 VR tours and more
More inquiries, more property viewingsand higher closing price
More inquiries, more property viewings
and higher closing price

Virtual Property Staging

Staging obviously works, as it can easily add 5% or more to the closing price.

What we offer is a much better approach to staging properties - more appealing and inspiring, much easier and faster, cheaper and overall more successful and profitable. A revolutionary staging service and the future of the real estate market.

Try us risk free and pay only if you are satisfied!

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Successfully selling or renting out a property is a true challenge, with thousands of competitors on the market at any given moment. And just like with any product to sell, an outstanding marketing campaign is what separates the few leaders from the rest.

We at ‘Vanguard development’ believe we are something else and our unique staging services will produce a much faster and more profitable result that regular old-school approach is not even remotely capable of.

We are your first choice and “best single investment” as one of our clients described it.

Conventional apartment staging in NYC, LA, SF and beyond

Let’s say you need to sell THIS 1BR HOME. Two empty rooms (living room / dining + bedroom) with white walls, no different from all other empty properties on the market.

You can certainly try regular staging, which will come along with the following issues:
• it will take a few weeks or more to stage the apartment,
• it will then take a few more weeks to photograph everything and edit the photos, before you are even ready to begin marketing the apartment,
• it will cost thousands of dollars all together (staging + photography), plus probable reoccurring monthly payments for renting the furnishing,
• the furnishing itself will be cheap, quite ordinary and unstylish, it will very likely have no window treatment or wall art, not to mention wall paint, wallpaper, etc., so the apartment will not be featured in the most inspiring way,
• there will be only one design / style / color palette, which can be simply demotivating for some prospects,
• the photos will also be not too inspiring (because the interior itself is not, as well as truly professional photographers are costly, with each shot requiring hours of preparation and even more $), thus barely affecting the volume of inquiries,
• it will cause a lot of personal time and hassle,
• if the property is currently furnished and occupied, it will also bring a lot of additional inconvenience and expense related to moving the existing furnishing to storage and living in a staged home.

To summarize: costs a lot of money, time, hassle and huge inconvenience, takes about a month to begin marketing, produces mediocre results, barely affecting the closing price.

New home staging in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or elsewhere

Instead please consider collaborating with ‘Vanguard development’ - a high-end interior design company.

The core of our approach is that all our design ideas are presented through exceptionally realistic images and we can successfully apply this to your needs. That said, in just about a week, we will develop an amazing set of images, showing the same apartment, when fully and tastefully designed by one of the best companies in the country.


Having completed more than 50 virtual staging projects already, the benefits are quite obvious:
• in just about a week you have the images and can begin marketing the property,
• it costs cheaper, with no reoccurring payments,
• we can use any wonderful furnishing, also paint or wallpaper walls, install chandeliers and scones, window treatment, wall art, thus "truly uncovering the full potential of the home”, as one of our clients called it,
• the photos will be so artistic, well crafted and inspiring, they will dramatically increase the amount of inquires,
• several different designs of any given room (if requested) will make sure to please all kinds of tastes and style preferences,
• we will also develop mind-blowing 360 tours that you can use while touring the apartment to fully impress your prospects (please try it on your cellphone or especially VR glasses!); based on our experience this significantly increases the duration of a visit; these virtual tours (and all the different designs) can be shared with the prospects, so that they continue enjoying them after the tour, and further falling in love with the property,
• no hassle or stress, no moving the existing furnishing to storage and no inconvenience of living in a staged home,
• we can do it nationwide.

To give you a better idea, below is an example of a master bedroom staged in three different designs:

Style 1. Minimal inexpensive redesign
Style 2. More substantial redesign
Style 3. Full expensive redesign

To summarize: cheaper and easier, no hassle or inconvenience, much better and more beautiful photos, much more inquiries and viewings, much more impressed and inspired prospects, faster sale and higher closing price.

Virtual house staging examples

Above are some of the virtual staging projects we completed recently – living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc. – NYC, LA, SF and beyond.

As you can surely see, the possibilities are endless and creative freedom is absolutely full. We can work with any styles, colors, textures, décor or furnishing, we are not limited with any budget or complexity of labor. So we can develop uncompromised design to impress and inspire your prospects and to ensure successful sale.

For more information please check our latest Testimonials and if you are interested, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

For more information, including pricing, recent projects, work process and even budget examples to help you estimate your future expenses, please contact us. Years of experience and hundreds of accomplished projects allowed us to accumulate very unique knowledge that we would love to share.