Unique approach to product marketing
Unique approach to product marketing
Full creative freedom andno budget, style or design limitations
Full creative freedom and
no budget, style or design limitations
Stunning shots and camera angles
Stunning shots and camera angles
Time and cost efficiency
Time and cost efficiency
Try us risk free
Try us risk free

Product renderings

Even a truly unique piece – an armchair, bathtub, floor lamp or rug – will not succeed unless tastefully presented and advertised, instead risking to sink in the ocean of competition. Ordinary photos in ordinary interiors will forever doom the product to remain just another piece of merchandize.

Try us risk free and pay only if you are satisfied!

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With thousands of other brands and models on the market, standing out is a matter of not just success, but simply survival. True leaderships comes not only with unique designs, but equally importantly with inspiring marketing imagery, catching eyes, taking breaths away and making fall in love.

We at ‘Vanguard development’ are your best allies in not just creating amazing marketing images that sell, but also in assisting to promote the products that were not fabricated yet, or even helping you design them.

Try us risk free and open a new chapter in your company’s history.

Unique approach to product marketing

Creating truly appealing and inspiring product photography – for a sofa, table, chandelier, rug, etc. - is an costly, logistically challenging and time consuming task, that requires dozens of professionals from interior designers and decorators to photographers. It also requires significant budgets to build a set, purchase, assemble, install and stage stylish surroundings that match the product and serve as a powerful background, then maybe adjust, reorganize and redesign depending on the results.

And showcasing a piece in several different interiors and styles, while absolutely beneficial for market performance, becomes simply an impossible task.

Instead, we have a unique service that will:
• boost your sales,
• enhance the brand awareness and reputation,
• perfect the style, design and popularity of your website and other marketing materials,
and you can try it risk free!

Being a high-end interior and architectural design company working nationwide and overseas, we recently started collaborating with furniture and lighting manufacturers, developing designs to feature their products for their marketing / sales purposes. The results were phenomenal.

Because we use exceptionally realistic true-to-life images (CGI), we can create any perfect environment (interior / exterior) to feature any product in the best possible way, we can select any camera angle, any lens, time of the day, choose any surrounding furnishing, decor, texture, color, etc. to make it the most appealing and sellable collection of images ever. We can make sure all the images are consistent / coherent with each other across the brand, website, including styles, color palettes, resolutions and proportions. Working with us is much faster, easier, cheaper, much more flexible and way more beautiful / beneficial, than with photographers and their old-school, creatively and logistically limited, quite slow and expensive approach.

Better approach to new product design and promotion

And if your product doesn’t exist yet or being a special order piece it is too expensive to fabricate, our product rendering service becomes your only route to success.

Because our work is virtual, you do not need an actual piece to be made to start marketing the product, and this can even be done simultaneously with preparing for the production, thus creating a significant logistics and financial advantage, dramatically reducing overheads, catalyzing revenues and increasing profits.

Designing future products, selecting best finishes, sizes, shapes and fabrics may also benefit from our participation greatly. This is because we believe that making such strategic decisions should come hand-in-hand with marketing considerations, and so instead of just blindly and totally intuitively selecting alternatives, working with us will allow you to experiment with design images first and then prioritize those options that look the most appealing and salable.

Product rendering examples

Above are some of the product rendering projects we completed recently – furniture, light fixtures, wallpaper, etc.

Working with ‘Vanguard’ means having unprecedented freedom to create any perfect environment featuring a product in the most appealing and selling way, without any time, logistics or financial limitations. We are your unique tool of uncompromised product development and powerful marketing leading to outstanding success.

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