Outstanding Interior Designand Project Installation services
Outstanding Interior Design
and Project Installation services
You get to see your future homebefore committing to investing
You get to see your future home
before committing to investing
Interior and architectural design
Interior and architectural design
What I See Is What I Getinstallation paradigm
What I See Is What I Get
installation paradigm
Design as it should be
Design as it should be

Help Us Grow

We spent 15 years to become who we are - a unique team of designers and architects, with outstanding talents and experiences. It's time to conquer the World... with your little help 🙂 So if you really think ‘Vanguard’ is something else, please help us grow and we will reward you with a complementary room design and other bonuses!

This is how it works:

Step 1. Please right a short post and email it to us, so our team can review it. We don't expect you to pretend you are our client (although you soon will be), but we hope you can complement our taste, style and talent.

Step 2. Our team will choose the best 5 posts each month.

Step 3. Post this review on Yelp, Google and Houzz and let us know, once it's done.

Step 4. In exchange not only you will help us grow, become our friend for life and can always count on our advice, but you can also choose any design from our portfolio (living room / dining room, bedroom, home office, kids bedroom, bathroom) on any of our websites (this one or www.beauty-on-a-budget.com) and we will provide you with more images and all needed links, so you can DYI. If any adjustments are later needed to precisely adapt the chosen design to your layout, we will be able to accommodate it too for a very reduced friendly fee. Alternatively, we can also purchase anything on your behalf and transfer our trade discounts to you.

All submissions need to be sent to info@vanguard-development.com under the subject of "Helping You Grow".

Thank you so much for your kind help in advance!

More info

For more information, including pricing, recent projects, work process and even budget examples to help you estimate your future expenses, please contact us. Years of experience and hundreds of accomplished projects allowed us to accumulate very unique knowledge that we would love to share.