Design as it should be
Design as it should be
You approve the true-to-life imagesof your future home before committing to investing
You approve the true-to-life images
of your future home before committing to investing
Remodeling replicates the approved design,abiding to the paradigm of 'What I See Is What I Get‘
Remodeling replicates the approved design,
abiding to the paradigm of 'What I See Is What I Get‘
We base our pricing on a flat feeand we keep working until you are completely happy
We base our pricing on a flat fee
and we keep working until you are completely happy
Projects in NYC, LA, SF, Nationwide & OverseasAny city, any state, any country
Projects in NYC, LA, SF, Nationwide & Overseas
Any city, any state, any country

VANGUARD development

– Design as it should be –

You approve the true-to-life images of your future home before committing to investing

Installation replicates the approved design, abiding to the paradigm of ‘What I See Is What I Get’

Interior and exterior design projects in NYC, LA, SF, Nationwide & Overseas

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We are a full service high-end design company normally managing interior and architectural projects (residential, hospitality and commercial) from start to finish. Our goal is to provide our clients in NYC, LA, SF, Nationwide and overseas with outstanding Interior and Architectural Design services along with Project Installation management through a unique approach and unparalleled work quality.

Our mission is to create Dream Homes that change people's lives.

Working with us is a simple step by step process, which can be broken down on two major steps - Design & Installation phases.

High end interior design – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco & beyond

The core of our approach is that all our design ideas are presented through exceptionally realistic images, delivering you the exact look of your future home, before you commit to investing. The installation phase then strictly abides to the paradigm of 'What I See Is What I Get', where the construction and furnishing process fully replicates the approved design concept. All together it gives you tremendous control and eliminates the risk of having an unsatisfactory end product, which is especially important with high end, luxury design projects. And this is something nobody, but us can offer.

We assembled a unique team of best architects and top interior designers with unique experience of designing exclusive projects, that can be applied to any location (from LA and SF to NYC and anything in between or beyond), to any style, to any budget (from high end luxury to low budget), to any timing and other project specifics.

We sincerely believe there is no other team like ours out there, no other top interior designer or luxury architecture firm in Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, combining our three main qualities - outstanding design taste, ability to create exceptionally realistic images to eliminate any misunderstanding, speculation or manipulation (you either like it or not - it’s that simple) and unique library of 3d models, that is now in tens of thousands, featuring basically all recognized brands, respected manufactures and famous furnishing items available in the US and worldwide. Which makes our design work so carefully precise and the following installation so surprise free accurate.

Architectural design concept development – Nationwide and overseas

Exterior design is just another form of design and same rules of taste, beauty and coherence apply here as well with maybe one obvious specifics that differs it from interior design - surrounding environment plays an important role, while being out of our control. As opposed to interior design, where we control every element of our perfect design concept, architectural design pertains only to a small part of the ensemble, which mainly stays intact. And so the goal transforms into creating an architectural design that is not just beautiful, but beautiful at this particular location, that both blends in and stands out in the best possible way.

Not even to mention that architectural design often comes along with designing common areas and interiors, which makes the task of connecting all the dots in the most natural and esthetic way even more multidimensional.

Having completed dozens of architectural design projects, high end and lower, being a one-of-a-kind architecture and top interior design firm in NYC, LA, SF and beyond, we will be honored to help you with your exterior project and let us assure you it will be an exciting experience for you.

Luxury Architecture & Best Interior Design Services in NYC, LA and SF

Whether it is a new property development, an addition project or an interior remodeling – we believe that design always comes first. This is what defines the final outcome, ensures successful result, protects investments and becomes the main foundation for all following steps of budgeting, planning, optimizing, bidding, formal approving, funding, etc.

We aim to rid you of all the hassle and risks related to design, construction, renovation and furnishing by providing a comprehensive and convenient turn-key solution. The core of our approach is that all our design ideas are presented through exceptionally realistic images, delivering you the exact look of your future home. You get to see your future house, home or business before committing to investing - it gives you tremendous control and eliminates the risk of having an unsatisfactory end product; and this sets us aside from other top architects and luxury interior designers in NYC, LA or SF.

In addition to creating the design concept, we provide all finishing and furnishing specifications, saving you countless weeks of sourcing and scouting, as well as develop a comprehensive set of blueprints to ensure the most accurate, smoothest and fastest construction process. Following the design approval, we also offer our project installation management to supervise the project completion. Strictly abiding to the paradigm of WISIWIG (What I See Is What I Get), we ensure the project is completed as per the agreed design concept, protecting you from risks and mistakes.

Executing a project without an approved design, not having a clear idea of the intended result, not knowing how much it will cost before committing to the project (which is so common among other high end architecture firms and top interior designers in San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles) is nothing, but gambling, and just like with gambling sometimes you win, but mostly you loose.

Wonderful and coherent design concept (exterior, interior or both, luxurious or inexpensive), where everything is a part of a well-rehearsed ensemble, where every item is carefully considered and is there for a reason, is a must of any successful architectural or interior design project, from high end luxury to budget sensitive.

Why VANGUARD development

Our team's passion, talent and professionalism brings you the best possible result, while our client-oriented philosophy and determination to make the process easy and convenient, saves you great deal of time and concern.

In short, this is Design as it Should be…

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For more information, including pricing, recent projects, work process and even budget examples to help you estimate your future expenses, please contact us. Years of experience and hundreds of accomplished projects allowed us to accumulate very unique knowledge that we would love to share.