Outstanding Interior Designand Project Installation services
Outstanding Interior Design
and Project Installation services
You get to see your future homebefore committing to investing
You get to see your future home
before committing to investing
Turn-key project management services
Turn-key project management services
What I See Is What I Getinstallation paradigm
What I See Is What I Get
installation paradigm
Design as it should be
Design as it should be

About Us

Our goal is to provide our clients in NYC, LA, SF, Nationwide and overseas with outstanding Interior and Architectural Design services along with Project Installation management through a unique approach and unparalleled work quality.

Our mission is to create Dream Homes that change people's lives.

Working with us is a simple step by step process, which can be broken down on two major steps - Design & Installation phases. The core of our approach is that all our design ideas are presented through exceptionally realistic images, delivering you the exact look of your future home, before you commit to investing. The installation phase then strictly abides to the paradigm of 'What I See Is What I Get', where the construction and furnishing process fully replicates the approved design. All together it gives you tremendous control and eliminates the risk of having an unsatisfactory end product. And this is something nobody, but us can offer.

This Slideshow will walk you through the process, featuring all main steps and peculiarities of our approach, but in a few words, working with us is very convenient, relaxing, transparent and pleasant.

Our team's passion, talent and professionalism brings you the best possible result, while our client-oriented philosophy and determination to make the process easy and convenient, saves you great deal of time and concern.

In short, this is Design as it Should be...

More info

For more information, including pricing, recent projects, work process and even budget examples to help you estimate your future expenses, please contact us. Years of experience and hundreds of accomplished projects allowed us to accumulate very unique knowledge that we would love to share.